Who we are, what we did and how we operate: 

  • The technical level is excellent, with Masters and Educators who are trained and always up to date, as well as athletes who are or have been at the highest levels in national and international competitions.
  • We develop an extensive and detailed technical program throughout the year, which is divided into national and international Meetings.
  • We promote specific courses for athletes who want to join national and international competitions, (S.A.K.- Kokoro Team), for young trainers (S.A.K.g. – Kokoro Young Team) in-depth courses for Masters and Instructors (A.I.K.I.), special Kata Bunkai and Kumite courses, and preparation courses for Dan exams.
  • In the stunning scenery of the Dolomites we organize a special summer camp for kids, based on the principle of “learning while having fun” and an exclusive three-day seminar (K.I.S. – Kokoro International Seminar) (for more information:
  • We organize demonstrations and competitions that focus on the Athlete’s efforts and improvement. In a perfect setting, we offer the possibility to put oneself to test while still feeling himself valued.
  • We organize workshops, conventions, conferences, exhibitions, and initiatives to raise the awareness of traditional Karate and its extremely important educational and cultural value.
  • We organize trips abroad that result in important moments of in-depth technical study and precious opportunities to analyze specific aspects of Karate, as well as chances of share culture and engagement
  • We have created a special project called “L’Efficacia dell’Arte” is the flagship of our production and is a unique opportunity for Karate to blend with other arts: calligraphy, cinema, music and literature (further information:
  • We presented the project “L’Efficacia dell’Arte” within an exclusive evening at the Teatro Dal Verme in Milan, with a great success of spectators and managing to fill the theater. We have invited on stage internationally renowned calligraphers, athletes, filmmakers, musicians of and encouraging commingling of Karate among other arts.
  • Many years of experience allows us to manage events – even of significant extent – in an organized and efficient way. The bigheartedness and commitment of passionate volunteers who support our cause, allow us to significantly contain costs while providing an inestimable service.
  • We face a thorough theoretical and philosophical study, with moments to share and exchange experiences and views. We constantly try to apply the principles of Karate in everyday life experience.
  • We have created and executed an élite event dedicated to women and Karate practitioners of all Italy taking on the tatami over 300 female practitioners directed by the Master Cristina Restelli.
  • We have developed 3 unique volumes, for the depth of content, the graphic style and the work fine, dedicated to the studying and deepening of the 27 Kata of the Shōtōkan style. The direction of the work was arranged in every single detail by the Master Dario Marchini and is the result of over 45 years of his Karate experience.
  • We have realized 27 videos of ōyō bunkai kata with the help of worldwide renowned filmmakers. Ōyō Bunkai is the synthesis of the application of concrete techniques and strategies embedded in the kata, is a perfect example of how the study of kata has no limitations and allows a never-ending improvement and discovery. The complete collection, containing twenty-seven Shōtōkan kata, is part of the project: “L’Efficacia dell’Arte: a journey through the culture of Karate”

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