Kokoro qualifications:
Two are the levels of participation in the activities promoted by the Kokoro International: the basic one and the advanced one.

The basic level is the one of “Adherents”, while the advanced one is the one of “Kokoro-ka”.

The “Kokoro-ka” are divided into three different levels of participation and knowledge (Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Supporters) and proactively participate and contribute in the study and research of Karate-dō accordingly to the inspiring principles of the Kokoro International.

Technical qualifications:

Trainers qualifications are divided into three different levels: Master, Instructor and Assistant Instructor.
These qualifications are issued and / or confirmed annually through the A.I.K.I. course.

The qualifications of the technical level and skills are based on the traditional KYŪ and DAN.
KYŪ are released by a Dōjō that follow the technical program of the Kokoro International.
DAN are released directly through specific courses organized by the Kokoro International.

The resignation from the Kokoro International will immediately invalidate all the qualifications obtained.

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