L’Efficacia dell’Arte at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna

The project “L’Efficacia dell’Arte“, flagship of the artistic and cultural production of the Kokoro International, has been included in the TYPELINE, review presented at the MAMBO (Museum of Modern Art in Bologna). TYPELINE is a video installation dedicated to dynamic typography that has movement and time as its two main dimensions. The sequence presented at the museum consists of 8 videos, the result of a selection of projects collected through an international call from Griffo: the great party of letters addressed to artists and designers. The set of projects proposed demonstrates how the calligraphic gesture can be considered fluid, variable and able to give life to a particular and refined artistic expression – never banal and obvious – that produces a wide variety of acts, operations, and worlds that oscillate between art and design.
In the project of the Kokoro International we find the perfect synthesis to express the union between different artistic worlds:

“Body, strength and intention, the balance of the martial art Kata is reflected in that of the calligraphic gesture. Master Dario Marchini and Luca Barcellona, ​​internationally renowned calligrapher, create a finite and open space, where body, movement, and sign meet in perfect form.”

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