The "Efficacia dell'Arte" Project: Movies and Volumes

The "Efficacia dell'Arte" is the flagship project of the production of distinction of the Kokoro International.

The project includes:

  •  The three volumes of the work "Shōtōkan Ryū Karate-Dō Kata", realized with the maximum care to details in the pursuit of excellence in form and content. All three volumes of the work are available and can also be purchased individually.
  • The 27 Kata Ōyō Bunkai short films are intended to be an example of how the deepening and study of kata have no limits and allow for continuous improvement and discovery. The 27 Kata Ōyō Bunkai are available for those who purchase the three volumes of the work.
  •  The short films where Karate meets other arts in the excellent cinematic setting that aims at telling traditional art in a modern language, enhancing its very high technical content. The short films are visible for free.
  •  The "Full Kata Explanation with Bunkai" videos. These are visible for free. Each video presents a single kata and its application with sharp and thorough explanations and demonstrations. The original format, which includes references to previous works, allows a deeper and more complete understanding of the kata which goes beyond its technical structure.

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